Do you want to buy or sell NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens), but are not sure how to do that? Let the article help you with a detailed step-by-step approach.

Are you willing to buy NFTs? Before you think about purchasing NFTs, do not forget to consider the following points:

First, you need to decide which marketplace is ideal for you to purchase the NFTs. Then, determine what wallet you have to download to get to the platform and buy NFTs.

Moreover, it is also a must to opt for a cryptocurrency with which you would have to fund the wallet. You should figure out whether the NFTs that you would like to buy can be sold at a particular time or not.

Note that not every NFT is available…

What are NFTs?

NFTs stand for Non-fungible tokens. In short, NFTs represent digital or physical contents/Assets in terms of Ethereum Blockchain. Moreover, Non-fungible tokens come as a unique code that keeps itself safe from any sort of duplication. NFTs store unique information that is why this blockchain representation is termed as unique. One NFT is completely different from another NFT, as they are unrepeated tokens.

Non-fungible tokens are used to represent different kinds of objects and art. Even NFTs can also represent digital content and collectibles, such as photos, tweets, and so on. Did you know the popularity of NFTs has increased to…

What is DeFi?

“DeFi” is the acronym for Decentralized Finance. It comes up as a revolutionary financial system, which can operate without any external help. Moreover, the Decentralized Finance or DeFi is not connected to any centralized financial intermediary.

The main goal of DeFi is to enable its users to invest, trade, transact, and transfer peer-to-peer with the help of digital assets and cryptocurrencies through smart contracts. All these conveniences of DeFi have kept the requirements for expensive and slow intermediaries at bay.

Advanced distributed ledger technology or DLT (also known as blockchain) has laid the base of DeFi. …

Blockchain technology contributed a lot in transforming the global markets. The technology has disrupted several fields, such as healthcare, agriculture, fintech, and so on.

Did you know 7,000+ cryptocurrencies are there as of now? Coming to Ethereum, it is the second largest cryptocurrency. Recently there was much buzz about the better version of it Ethereum 2.0 , lets know about it.

Ethereum 2.0: In A Nutshell

Ethereum 2.0 comes as an upgrade to the Ethereum blockchain. The main goal of Ethereum is to improve the Ethereum network in terms of scalability, efficiency, and speed. As a result, the network can alleviate bottlenecks and enhance the…

BCH is a product of the hard fork, it is splitted in two blockchain

What is a Hard Fork?

To understand the Bitcoin cash hard fork split, we first need to understand what the hard fork is basically. A hard fork is a term that is associated with Blockchain Technology. Hard Fork is a major action made in the Blockchain. At this point in time, Blockchain technology gets split into two separate Blockchain.

Both the Blockchain become new entities, in which one platform might follow former rules and regulations of the Blockchain platform while the other one makes new rules. …

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Bitcoin as all know is a cryptocurrency which came to the public domain almost 10 years earlier, a marvel of its kind is still today in the shadows, not widely popular and accepted as other payment mediums. Even E-wallets which came later for use has surpassed far ahead but not Bitcoin.

That's why we look into factors why Bitcoin has not achieved the traction it should.

They are enumerated below:

  • The problem of Bitcoin Scalability

This is one of the biggest and most serious problems faced by Bitcoin users. Bitcoin scalability problem refers to the limited rate in which transactions of Bitcoin payment platform

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Physical Bitcoins is a concept by crypto enthusiasts who admire Bitcoins being used in physical form like coin/banknotes. Currently, we use Bitcoins online or can store them in wallets. Physical Bitcoins go one step ahead and allow you to do transact in Hard cash form.

Physical bitcoin, while presently is a concept but it was a partial reality back in 2011’s end to mid- 2013 when such a system was created which is known as Casascius Bitcoins. Mike Cladwell from Utah, USA, made the physical Bitcoins out of brass with the electroplating gold on 25 Bitcoin denomination. Casascius Bitcoins held…

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Cryptojacking is a malpractice which helps an unauthorized person to mine the cryptocurrency from another person’s computer/resources. It is an emerging threat online that has the capability to take over devices or use them. This menace can compromise all types of devices including laptops, desktops, network servers, and even smartphones. Let's know more about this.

Types of Cryptojacking and how they work

File-Based Cryptojacking: It works like a classic malware virus. You happen to click on an embedded script, which loads crypto-mining code on your system and steals the information regarding the crypto on the device.

Cloud-Based Cryptojacking: Hackers access the API keys through fraudulent ways. Once…

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Bitcoin halving, is it what you are hearing a lot about lately? Crypto news portals are covering it, General news portals too. So you might wanna know what it is. Well, Bitcoin Reward Halving is actually a reward halving of mining process by which new bitcoins are mined/minted. Mining rewards mean the transaction in which miners are rewarded a stipulated amount of Bitcoins for generating a new block through the process of mining. Presently, the reward of Bitcoin mining is 12.5BTC. This reward will be cut in half to 6.5 BTC in some days.

Bitcoin comes into existence through mining…

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No matter in which part of the world you live in, the COVID-19 outbreak has affected your life in one or another. The virus has plundered and destabilized the world in less than a few months. The virus has not only posed a threat to the health of humans but their wealth too. Well-established businesses are collapsing, the economic power of the countries is being shaken, all sectors of the businesses are severely hit, and crypto world is no exception.

corona and crypto

Here is how COVID-19 is affecting the crypto world:

1. The Prices Have Dropped Drastically.

As people are in panic after the markets have closed down, businesses have been shut, and economic activities have come… is a premier Website in crypto world Publishes articles, True news, analysis & more.

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